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About Us

URGENT.  - Blog closing for updating of more orders.
Please Read!


Read Before Ordering:

1) Currently All price are set as Wholesales price. There is NO min ordering amount required.

2) Please DO NOT SMS me about enquiries. Please kindly email or call me.
- The reasons is my Handphone bill went up and I can't text when I m in Malaysia. Further more, most questions that dearies asked, is already stated in my blog.
- Don be shy, just call me. I m just a normal teenage girl, may be jus a few yrs older than u.

Eg: Does the Ribbon Ring come in GOLD? (All stated in the blog)
Eg: Can you send out my items before PAYMENT done? (Obviously No.)
Eg: Will you be restocking and add on more things... ( Yes, but can don use sms. Can email and ask?)
3) - Please do not asked for free meet up.
- If you have problem with payment, then sent concealed cash.

4) Miss JT won't be responsible for people who had lost their mail via NORMAL POSTAGE.
- Dear Dearies, for those who has lost your mail via normal postage, normally Miss JT will replaced you only when you are first timer. But some of them are really too demanding.
- If it a person purchase $50 dollars items and it is lost, am I suppose to refund her and is it my fault to lost the mail?
- Therefore, even you are first timer, Miss JT will not be responsible for the lost of mail.

How to Order?

Welcome to Jewellery Tales!

Just in 4 easy steps!

1. Fill up the Order form HERE

2. Wait for Jewellery Tales confirmation email within 1-2days. We will check on the availability of the products you ordered. Upon confirmation of your orders, payment can be proceeded.
*Confirmation of orders and payment must be make within 12hours upon ordering. Failure to do so may result in order being cancelled or forfiet and items will be given to next customer. Please be understanding as some customer may order and MIA, and all blog owners hate it.*

3. Proceed to made payment. See Payment Guides

4. Email or sms to us once payment made.

TATA.. Easy? And now wait for your items to deliver to you normally within 3 days!
Kindly note that orders with incomplete information often result a delay in delivery.
Please give me your mailing address.
Still unsure? Please contact
In charge: Miss JT
Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com

Q & A sessions

Welcome to Jewellery Tales!

•How long does it take to receive my orders?
-1 to 3 business working days.

•I need the items urgently. Can post it to me ASAP?
-Yup Yup, call Miss JT @ 98418860 straight and proceed to made payment quickly.
Please do not SMS

•Can I request for Self Collection?
-Sorry, currently only by post available. No meet up.

•Can  I request to exchange for the items seems a bit different such as quality or colour tone or workmanship?
-Sorry, but no. Please kindly read through our Shipping guides.

•Do you do wholesales?
-Yes, all nationality are welcome. Please kindly contact Miss JT.

Can I exchange the items because the rings, necklace, etc does not fit me?
-Very sorry, No exchangeable once items sold out. All dimensions, sizes and item weight is provided.

•Can I request for refund after payment made?
-Sorry, no refund after payment made. Thank you for the understanding.

•Can sell me cheaper?
-Sorry my dear, we have given you the best price. We earn very little only. Hoped for your understanding.

•My items still not received.
-Registered mail is highly recommended because they have tracking number. We are not responsible for any loss or damages for customer opting Normal FREE Postage.

•Why is your address not written at the back of the envelope?
-For my safely, I can’t provide my home address, you have already received your items don't you? I really do hope for customers understanding.

Still unsure? Please contact

In charge: Miss JT
Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com

Shipping Guides

Welcome to Jewellery Tales!

•Shipping Company:
We ship anywhere, everywhere! All deliveries are handled by SingPost at the moment.
No MEET UP. Only by posting.

•Shipping transit time :
- Orders received on a Sunday and Singapore public holiday will be processed the next working day.
- Orders received on normal working days and hours will be proceed within the same day.
  Normal working days: Monday to Friday
  Normal Working hours: 8am to 5.30 pm

•Items receiving time:
Items will be delivered within 1 or 3 working days only payment has been made.

•Items lost during shipping :
-Customers who opted for NORMAL POSTAGE, you have to bear the responsibility for any items not received. We do not accept complaints or feedback for items not received via normal mail. As we based on the delivered address you state in your account.
-An email to update all customers when items has been send out.
•Opting for registered mail is highly recommended:
- Customers are encouraged to note that NORMAL MAIL is not recommended as SINGPOST is unable to
  track their whereabouts due to no tracking number for normal mail.
- Registered mail (Additional charges) is highly recommended as you have a tracking number to trace
  the status.
•Parcel Packaging:
 Parcel will be wrap in bubble wrap to reduce the damage impact during posting.
 Please take note that we will not leave our return address at the back of the parcel

•Overseas Buyer:
 Please kindly contact or email to me for more details.
 In charge: Miss JT

Payment Guides

Welcome to Jewelley Tales!

For your convenience, we have a wide range of Payment methods that you can use:

Payment mode available:

• Credit / Debit
- Card Credit and debit card payments are accepted via PayPal. PayPal charge of 3.4% + S$0.50 will be applicable for Credit and Debit. However, if you are using money balance from Pay Pal, such charges is not applicable.

-When PayPal is selected as the payment method, the PayPal charges will be reflected at the checkout page. After which, you will be directed to the PayPal secure site to proceed with the payment.
*Please make payment in Singapore Dollars only.

•Internet Banking
- To offer you greater convenience, we have accounts with the following major banks in Singapore:

-DBS Savings 039408732
(for DBS and POSB bank account holders)
*Please make payment in Singapore Dollars only.

•ATM Fund Transfer
-To offer you greater convenience, we have accounts with the following major banks in Singapore:

-POSB Savings 039408732
(for DBS and POSB bank account holders)
* Please kindly provide me the reference number found on the printed receipt after transfering.

- To offer you greater convenience, we have accounts with the following major banks in Singapore:

-POSB Savings 039408732
(for DBS and POSB bank account holders)

*For cheque payments, please deposit the cheque directly into a cheque deposit box of any of the banks listed above. This will help to expedite the payment process.*Remember to write the corresponding account details (e.g. write our POSB account details if you’re dropping off at an POSB cheque deposit box) on the back of the cheque together with your contact details.

•Cash Concealed
- Cash payments sent via mail are strongly discouraged as the cash may be lost. As far as possible, do get someone you trust to make the transfer via PayPal, Internet banking or ATM transfer for you.
-However, if you are willing to take the risk, *Please kindly make sure the cash is not visible by wrapping in a paper first before enclosing into the envelope. Registered mail is encourage.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries:

In charge: Miss JT
Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Jewellery Tales!
Please review the following basic terms and agreement upon purchasing of products from Jewellerytales.blogspot.com by:

• Services:
We may from time to time change the terms that govern your use of Jewellerytales.blogspot.com Your use of the site following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the terms as changed. We may change, move or delete portions of, or may add to, the site from time to time.

• Copy Rights:
“Jewellery Tales" ; banners and logo belongs to Jewellerytales.blogspot.com No use of these designs may be made without the acknowledgement authorization of Jewellery Tales.

Cancellation of Orders:

We will refund the amount paid if the order is cancelled due to the unavailability of goods.

No cancellations once the order is confirmed and submitted by the customer.

• Promotions:
Promotions and offers shall be governed by the rules regulating such event.

• Prices:
The prices displayed are quoted in Singapore Dollars (S$) by default.

• Products:
All products displayed on Jewellerytales.blogspot.com are in stock orders, otherwise stated.
All goods will be 80 - 90% similar to the pictures. Resolutions and Graphics card of each and everyone PC is different. Therefore, the tone and colour of the pictures varies.
• Inaccuracy Disclaimer:
There may be information on Jewellerytales.blogspot.com that contains typographical errors, In accurate Pricing and etc. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies to change or update information at any time without prior notice.

•Exchange & Refunds:
All our goods sold are non-refundable.

Please contact us at
In charge: Miss JT
Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com

Free Shipping

Welcome to Jewellery Tales!

No more FreeShipping
Still unsure? Please contact:
-In charge: Miss JT
 Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com

Returns & Exchanges

Welcome to Jewellery Tales!

•Non- refundable Policy:
-All item(s) sold are non-refundable or exchangeable. Therefore, select carefully the colour and sizes of the items. However, we will refund you the money if only the items is out if stocks.

•Wrong Items received and defects/damages:
-Items has been double check and tally with your confirmations before sending out to customers. Therefore, please check your confirmations mail carefully.
-Jewellery Tales will fully take the responsible if wronged items is sent out.
-Items will be double check before sending out. If your item is damaged before we send out the items, we will notify you immediately and make a replacement.
-Please note that due to some lighting and colour shine on the items, colour tone might be different and material might seems different from the picture. We will not offer exchanges for these differences.
-Workmanship might different a bit too such that the material might be either more thicker or thinner to the actual item. We will not offer exchanges for these differences.
-After all, we seek for all customers understanding. If customer want to get 100% exactly high class good quality or colour 100% same, we suggest customer do not purchase from us.

For more information's, please contact:
In charge: Miss JT
Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com

Friday, July 23, 2010


Welcome to Jewellery Tales!


Douzoyoroshiku! Great, you found the right supplier. I will give you the best prices and is hassle free ordering from me.

Just a little things to take note before you contact me for more details.

Min first ordering of 50 SGD.

Waiting time normally starts from 3 days to 1 week.

Meet up ONLY.

Still unsure? Please contact:
In charge: Miss JT
Email: jewellerytales@hotmail.com